Take A Look At Our Grooming Process


First the dogs are throughly brushed to remove knots and loose hair


Second, into the bath where the dogs are shampooed head to paw (and all those hard to reach in-between places) with a vet recommended shampoo, followed by a thorough warm water rinse. (If your dog has an ultra sensitive skin, and requires a specific medicated shampoo – you need to stipulate this and supply own shampoo which shall be used. It is not advisable to use dip on these dogs.)

Towel Dry

The dogs are then transferred back to the grooming table, where they are towel dried. Please supply us with one towel per dog, this is to ensure that we dont spread flee's between dogs

Brush Drying

Industrial pet dryers ensure your pet is warm and happy, they are used to dry the dogs while simultaneously being brushed to loosen up and remove further loose hair.


Dogs who require their hair to be cut will be professionally clipped according to their breed and owners preference.


On each visit their nails will be checked and trimmed if necessary

The Products we use